Karomed offers a full auditing service, using The Mount Vernon Criteria* . This thorough procedure is outlined below for your reference.

The Fist Test

  • To test the bottoming out, the top of the mattress should beat the level of the tester’s greater trochanter. The cover and foam inner should be complete.
  • Link the fingers of both hands to form a fist. Keeping the elbows straight, lean the body forward and test at six identified points:
    • Both upper and lower corners.
    • Either side of where the sacrum would fit.
  • If the base of the mattress is felt, the mattress has failed.

The Outer Cover

  • Check for any discontinuity which would allow spillages to seep through to the foam i.e. needlestick punctures, orthopaedic pin punctures, tears at the corners etc.
  • Check for excessive staining.
  • Check the cover is the right size for the mattress.

Open or Remove the cover to check if the foam core is:-

  • Wet or stained.
  • Malodorous.
  • Deformed or collapsing.

If the foam fails on any of these points it is removed immediately.

*sited in D. Gray & M. Campbell, A randomised Clinical Trial of Two Types of Foam Mattress, Journal of Tissue Viability 1994: 4(4). 128 – 132

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