Transfoam Active trolley topper

Transfoam Active trolley topper

The Transfoam Active trolley topper from Karomed offers a hybrid solution for high risk patients who would benefit from increased comfort and protection against pressure sore development whilst on a trolley. The system can be stepped up or down to respond quickly to changes in patient requirements.

Features & Benefits


  • Multi stretch, waterproof, vapour permeable and double coated DARTEX cover
  • Audible and Visual alarm
  • All inner components individually replaceable
  • Welded seams
  • Normal, static and CPR functions


  • Upper weight limit 248kg (39 Stone)
  • Minimum weight limit 19kg* (3 Stone)
  • Range of sizes to fit all trolleys
  • High/Very High Risk
  • Provides greater patient comfort and support
  • Static mode inflates all cells to maximum setting for patient transfer and additional support for nursing procedures
  • Offers the flexibility of a static Very High-Risk mattress combined with the internal features of a High/Very Risk dynamic mattress
  • Eliminates any risk of incorrect settings should a patient require a sitting or lying position
  • The pump automatically provides patients with different comfort settings, dependant to the patient’s weight


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