Transair Mattress Replacement System

Transair Mattress Replacement System

A Karomed three cell alternating mattress system, which requires no manual setting to a patients weight, with a smooth alternating action which stimulates capillary flow whilst minimising the sense of patient movement. Providing effective pressure redistribution and increased patient comfort.

Features & Benefits


  • The pressure setting adjusts to the patient’s individual weight.
  • Range of comfort settings for all care scenarios or comfort preferences
  • Steel casting plastic coated with poly carbonate sides
  • Normal, sitting, static, CPR and Transport functions
  • Multi-stretch, waterproof and vapour permeable cover – reduces shear and friction
  • Non slip base – with securing straps, compatible with all beds, preventing movement of mattress
  • Audible and visual alarm to indicate loss of pressure or power
  • Bespoke service available for special sizes
  • Maximum patient weight of 254kg (40 stone)
  • Transport alarm


  • Automatic adjustment ensures cell pressure is correct for each patient without the need to manually adjust
  • Steel coated casing and poly carbonate sides, which are extremely durable and long lasting
  • Static mode automatically reverts back to normal cycle after 25 minutes, reducing any risk to patient
  • Sitting mode delays the deflation of the sacral cells allowing greater support on more vulnerable area including the ischials tuberosities
  • Transport alarm will activate if mattress is not re-set to normal cycle once the mattress is returned to the clinical area


Transair Mattress Replacement operating instructions


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