Transair Low Air Loss

Transair Low Air Loss

A Karomed replacement mattress system that regulates air at a continuous rate to support the patient over the greatest body surface area at the lowest possible pressure whilst offering stability and comfort.

Features & Benefits


  • Steel casing, plastic coated with polycarbonate sides
  • Mattress inflates to normal working pressure within 60 seconds
  • The pressure setting adjusts to the patient’s individual weight.
  • Non slip base – suitable for all bed surfaces
  • Multi-stretch waterproof, vapour permeable cover – reduces friction and shear
  • Audible and visual alarm to indicate loss of pressure or power
  • Maximum patient weight of 159kg (25 stone)


  • Designed for use with patients unable to tolerate an alternating system
  • Designed for burns or spinal injuries
  • Fast inflation time aiding patients needs
  • Range of comfort settings for all care scenarios or comfort preferences


Transair Low Air Loss operating instructions

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