Transair Advantage

Transair Advantage

A two cell alternating system for use in the community, acute and care home settings. This system is beneficial for where there is less need for a premium cost mattress, where patients would benefit from cells producing very low interface pressure, or a Constant Low Pressure function, whilst not compromising any clinical effectiveness.

Features & Benefits


  • Microprocessor checks and automatically re-adjusts to patient’s weight and movement without the need manual adjustment
  • CPR and transport functions
  • Easy to adjust comfiort settings for different care scenarios or comfort preferences
  • Multi-stretch waterproof, vapour permeable Dartex cover
  • Non slip base
  • High density foam layer within the air cells
  • Maximise patient weight of 260kg (41 stone)


  • Eliminates all risks of incorrect settings should a patient choose to sit or lie down on a mattress
  • Multi-stretch cover reduces friction and shear
  • Prevents the mattress from sliding, giving reassurance to the patient and carer
  • Conforms with MHRA guidelines for bed rails – when used on a bed base
  • Avoids the risk of ‘bottoming out’ in the event of a power failure
  • Compatible with all bed bases
  • Audible and visual alarm

Technical Specification

Pump Unit.
Mains Supply 220-240v AC 50Hz
Rated Input Current 0.5 Amp
External Fuse  T 500 MA L 250v
Noise level  up to 32dB
Classification  Class 2 Type BF
Cycle Time 15 minutes
Size (W x H x D) 230mm x 170mm x 75mm
Air Flow (at pump outlets) 8-9 L/M
Pressure Settings  Soft 34mm/Hg (+/-5mm)
Firm 40mm/Hg (+/-5mm)
Static 43mm/Hg (+/-5mm)
Audible/Visual/ Mutable Low Pressure Alarm (re-asserts after 15 minutes)
Static Nursing Facility (reverts to dynamic operation after 20 minutes)
Storage/Transport  Not below 10C or above 30C
Maximum Patient Weight 30 Stone (191Kg)
Minimum Patient Weight 3 Stone (19Kg)

Size (L x W x H)  1960mm x 864mm x 203mm  (77” x 34” x 8”)
Weight 10Kg
Cover; Dartex PER 204 Type Transfer Coated Polyurethane on knitted nylon substrate
Cells; 20 with internal foam, 350 micron polyether antimicrobial TPU film,( MRSA, S aureus and E-coli resistant,
Passed JLS Z 2801 l

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