Bed management system – hoist

Bed management system – hoist

Features & Benefits

The Karomed Bed Management System is a low friction, easy to use solution for the safe repositioning of patients.



  • The bed management system from Karomed consists of 2 parts; a water resistant under sheet made from nylon with wide non slip sides, and a waterproof, fully breathable quilted polyester soft shell top sheet.
  • The mattress cover is made from slide sheet material, with a PU fabric down the middle section. This middle section includes a curtain’ made from slide sheet material which allows the system to be ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’. The long edges are covered with a strip of PU material that acts as a break for the top slide sheet when sliding the patient across the surface of the bed.


Set up

  • Place the mattress cover on top of the mattress with the label at the head end.
  • Hook the corner elastic straps over each corner of the mattress.
  • Make sure that the ‘curtain’ is in the locked position with the black PU middle section visible.
  • Place the quilted top sheet on top of the mattress cover.
  • Place each of the 4 adjustable straps around each mattress corner to reduce upper and lower body movement.
  • Although the quilted top sheet can be used without a normal sheet over the top, it is advisable to use one. A double cotton sheet is preferable for a single bed.


How to use:

  • Hold the curtain handles and walk up to the head of the bed, you will find resistance when the curtain reaches the buttocks.
  • Carer 1 holds the loops underneath the opposite side of the top sheet and gently tilt the patient’s hips.
  • Carer 2 can then continue to pull the curtain up towards the head of the bed.
  • This stage is then repeated by Carer 1, and the system is unlocked.


If only 1 carer is available, a hoist can be used to facilitate this movement.



  • The patient can now be moved up and down, or across the bed by using the loops on the under surface of the top sheet.


  • When the patient has been repositioned, the curtain must be taken down to the foot end of the bed to lock the system.


  • The system can also be used to assist the rolling of a patient to one side. Again, if there is only one carer available, a hoist can be used to assist in moving this person.



The Pennine Wedge by Karomed can be used to support a patient so that a carer does not need to stand static for lengthy periods of time.





Correct cleaning of this product will lengthen the service life of the system. Wash at 50’C with soap or detergent on a standard domestic cycle. Do not use non biological detergents as they contain bleaching agents that can degrade the strength of the fabrics. Avoid bleach, particularly hypochlorite, as this may cause structural damage. Do not overheat the system, temperatures over 100’C may cause shrinkage and structural damage.



As per NHS guidelines, extra time should be added to ensure that hot water is mixed thoroughly through the wash load. A period of temperatures of 10 minutes at 65’C and 3 minutes at 72’C should be used. If the available equipment does not allow the required level of temperature control then the system can be washed at 90’C, though moderate, shrinkage and/or colour bleed may occur.



  • The bed management system will air dry relatively quickly in a warm room.
  • Do not place over radiators or convectors.
  • The system can be CAREFULLY tumble dried on a short cycle with a cool setting of 60’C, but should be checked every 5 minutes.



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