Bed management system – sheets

Bed management system – sheets

Features & Benefits

The Karomed bed management sheet system contains of a satin and cotton under sheet, and cotton top sheet. The white satin strip runs down the centre of the mattress, with the cotton edges folded underneath the mattress. This system is used for both lateral repositioning as well as moving patients higher or lower in the bed.


How to set up


  • Place the under sheet on the mattress with the anti-friction satin strip running down the centre of the mattress.
  • Tuck the sides of the under sheet under the mattress to keep in place.
  • Place the draw sheet over the satin sheet.
  • Position the patient on the draw sheet and leave the sides free for moving and handling the patient.
  • Before leaving the patient, ensure that the side rails are raised to prevent the patient sliding out of bed.


How to use: lateral turning

  • Grasp the fabric on the draw sheet at the hips and shoulders level of the patient.
  • Keep wrists straight and shift weight by leaning backwards
  • Carer 1 will pull the draw sheet whilst Carer 2 presses near the shoulder and hips of the patient whilst pushing at the same time.
  • After turning, lock the position of the patient by tucking the edges of the draw sheet underneath the mattress on both sides.


How to use: positioning the patient higher up the bed

  • Grasp the draw sheet on both sides near the shoulders.
  • Take one step backwards towards the head of the bed.
  • Tuck in part of the draw sheets so that it is folded double under the patient’s seat.


How to use: sitting up

  • When the patient sits up in bed, tuck in part of the draw sheet so that its folded double under the patients’ seat.
  • Next, tuck the draw sheet in under the mattress at the hip section only.
  • When the head of the ned is raised, the draw sheet then acts as a friction surface to prevent sliding.



Material: Polyester, cotton, satin



  • Wash between 60-90’C.
  • Do not use rinsing agent or bleach.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • To prolong the life of the product, hang dry or tumble dry on a cool setting.
  • Use a cool iron.


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