• What do I do next?
    Alternatively should you require a standard rental and already have an account with us please fill out the equipment request form below. If you need a rental immediately, or any further information, just call our National Rentals Information Line on 01460 66033.
  • What are the prices?
    Our rental rates are considered to be among the most economical available in England and Wales. We do not cut corners when it comes to quality and service, so you can be sure that you will receive value for money and all the support you need to care for your patients effectively. Special contract prices are available for large or regular users.

    Karomed recognises that there will be different requirements for rental systems. We offer daily, weekly and contract prices to meet your needs.

    For the latest pricing information please contact your local representative via our National Rentals Information Line on 01460 66033.

  • Will training be provided?
    Transair systems are very easy to use. However, we appreciate that you will want your staff to feel absolutely secure in the knowledge that they understand how the equipment works. Our trained engineers will spend time with you, after they have installed the system, to explain how the systems operate. If you require any further information you can call the National Rentals Information Line on 01460 66033 at anytime.
  • What if something goes wrong?
    Our National Rentals Information Line on 01460 66033 is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A Karomed engineer will contact you to offer advice or to arrange a convenient time to call and either repair or replace the rented system.
  • How can I be sure that the Transair system will be delivered in a clean condition?
    Our Decontamination Centre is audited by an external microbiology department, to ensure that Infection Control standards are maintained.

    All systems are treated as infected, regardless of how long they have been in use or with what type of patient and are, therefore, subjected to our full decontamination process before re-use.

    Each system is issued with a decontamination certificate for endorsement and traceability purposes.

  • Which areas do Karomed cover?
    Our rental team cover the whole of England and Wales and deliver to most areas within 4 hours. Please call our National Rental Information Line on 01460 66033 and we will let you know how quickly your chosen system can be delivered.
  • What systems are available for my patients?
    Our systems will fit all standard types of bed and include:

    The Transair Mattress Replacement system is for Very High Risk patients and is suitable for use with up to Category 4 pressure ulcers.

    The Transair Overlay system is for High Risk patients and is suitable for use with up to Category 2 pressure ulcers.

    The Transair Dynamic Seat Cushion is for High to Very High Risk patients. This cushion can be used to reduce pressure for patients who are seated out of bed for long periods of time and is suitable for patients upto 60 Stone up to Category 4 pressure ulcers.

    The Transair Bariatric system is suitable for patients upto 60 Stone and Category 4 Pressure Ulcers.

    Also New for 2016 Advantage range is the availability of the Supreme Community Profiling bed, which is suitable for use with our unique Supreme Safe Sides – a safer alternative to metal bed rails.

  • Why should I consider the rental of pressure care mattress systems for my patients?
    Karomed’s rental programme has the advantage of providing equipment for your patients without a commitment to capital expenditure, which will enable you to cope with the “peaks and troughs” in demand. The set payments per system per patient enable hospitals and other care units to easily relate the cost of such products to individual patients.